The food off this Sikes Grill will make your tongue beat your brains out. My friends think I've become a chef, but it's the grill.

Now I grill more than my husband does. I grilled ribeyes for the first time ever in my life the other night, they came out better than any ribeyes we've had at restaurants.

My whole team appreciates this purchase. So easy, to NOT have to babysit the grill.

We are Siked about our new Sikes Grill. It is a great addition to our new home!

​Doesn't matter if I'm cooking 2 steaks or 20, the results are the same every time. The briskets are great, and ribs fall off the bone after just 2 hours! Cooks as good or better than my Big Green Egg, but with much less effort.

​We've smoked turkeys, cooked chicken, ribs, steaks, and even boiled crabs on our Sikes Grill. It's easy to cook on and to clean. It is the most well-made and versatile grill that we have ever owned.

We've tried nearly a hundred grills, but nothing compares to the Sikes. We're gonna save a ton of money, it's a no brainer. We love it!

​Grilling has never been easier. I can set the temperature and forget it. Always come back to an amazing taste with a tenderness and juicyness that no other grill I have ever used could deliver.

​Just wanted to send you a note about my new grill. I was born into the BBQ business and at age 16 my daddy died and my mom took over the family business. When I was 20 we bought and Italian restaurant and I have now been in that business for 31 years. My heart has always been in the smoke though, and when I saw this grill in action, I knew I had to have one. My very first cook produced some of the best ribs I have ever eaten or cooked. I can't wait to try this Sikes grill on many many things to come. What an excellent invention! Much success to you all, there is no doubt you have a winner here. I'm SIKED for life!

15 minutes after I put the chicken on the grill, I got a call from a friend that had a flat. Not thinking about my chicken, I just loaded up and went and helped him. Way later, on the way home, I remembered the chicken and hauled butt thinking the grill would be on fire, burnt down, or whatever. I got home an opened the lid up and the chicken was cooked perfectly, good tender skin on it, couldn't asked for no better.

Daddy was cooking ribs for us and had them mostly done when I got sick and he had to take me to Emergency room that was 45 min away. We were at the emergency room when he thought about him leaving the ribs cooking. He had a fit and knew they would be ruined. We were at the ER 2 hrs for a total "gone from home time" of nearly 4 hours...... Knew he ribs would be ruined so we just ate in town while we were there..... Got home. Ribs were beyond perfect!! Thump the plate and they'd fall off the bone! Extremely hard to screw it up when your SIKED!!!!

​My favorite part is because you're not cooking over the flame you can close the lid walk off and talk with your company and there's no flare up to burn the food.

I've never smoked anything in my life by myself, I figured I'd see if this thing would do what they said it would do, with the marinade vat, vapor and all. I had a whitetail front leg in the freezer that I hadn't cooked because of all the horror stories I'd heard about it drying out, being bland, under done in the middle - whatever. I put the freshly thawed leg on the grill with no coating, oil, wrap, rub, injection, just nothing. I filled the marinade vat all the way with water, and then drained off about 3 cups. I filled the vat back to the top with wine. I set the temp at 275, put 2 unsoaked chunks of pecan on the direct grate, and let er run for 11 hours. Every 2 hours I'd check the temp (which didnt move), add 2 more chunks of pecan, and top the vat up with wine. I did turn the leg over at 6 hours. I'm telling you when it was all done, I could nuke the leftovers and still be able to squeeze the juice out of the meat! all it needed was salt & pepper. #imsiked

​Enjoyed the best ribeyes ever, cooked by one of the owners at his home! Grill your game without the flame! A must have for your outdoor kitchen!

​Ate a steak the owner cooked me at his house. IT was AH MAZZZZZ ZING... man you have no idea how awesome this This is 1 of a kind. Amazing job Keith and Robert! GET ONE TODAY.

​I just had a party at my house for 1000 people. I cooked hot dogs for all on two ck400s. One was new and one was 9 years old. I asked everyone if they could tell the difference in the two grills and they couldn't. When I told them the one grill was 9 years old, they couldn't believe it.

​The cooking process of the Sikes Grill absolutely amazes me! Cooking over water! Indirect heat! Makes you look like a chef! Even me! Easy Easy Easy! Very versatile!